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Kim Hernandez - Personal Development Coach

Hello! I'm Kim...

Kim is a speaker, coach and success strategist. An expert in teaching women confidence building strategies, this 6th degree black belt and former WKA North American kickboxing champion knows the art of goal setting and achievement.

Kim has dedicated over 25 years to helping others achieve success. She co-founded Team Andrello Martial Arts and has helped thousands set and achieve goals and become the best version of themselves.

After overcoming a devastating divorce that took everything and left her bankrupt, Kim began speaking and coaching divorced women. This led her to start another business.

Kim is now the founder of Her Unlimited, a Personal Development business specializing in confidence building, life enrichment training and achievement strategies for women. Kim is passionate about teaching women how to maximize their potential, believe in themselves and live with intention so they can create the life they desire, and deserve.

Kim Hernandez | Personal Development Expert

How can I help out?

Life Coaching

Discover personalized coaching that will ensure you Increase your Confidence, Strengthen your Relationships, and Ignite your Self-Belief

Speaking Seminars

Hear me speak about the tenets of success, including Confidence Building, Goal Setting, the Power of Self-Belief, and Healthy Relationships.

One-on-One Coaching

Do You Feel Stuck?

Roadblocks are normal and necessary. With me helping you along the way, you can breeze through your struggles and grow as a person.

Do You Lack Confidence?

Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself. Allow me to help you find your truest self - a version of you that you are proud to show off.

Do You Desire More?

Ensuring you make the most of your potential is key to success, but oftentimes that is difficult to achieve. I can help you find what it is you want and execute a strategy to achieve your goals.

Speaking Seminars

Image for Confidence Building
Confidence Building
Believing in yourself is the true first step to success. Though, it is not necessarily easy to build confidence. In my talks, I discuss how I learned to build confidence to achieve personal success as well as methods to help you build yours.
Image for Goal Setting
Goal Setting
The act of establishing milestones is proven to increase likelihood of success, but what type of goals you set are equally as important. I speak on how to define your goals in order to build your way towards success.
Image for the Power of Self-Belief
The Power of Self-Belief
Manifestation is a powerful tool, especially when inevitable drawbacks arise. Sometimes, self-belief is the only thing needed to allow yourself to thrive. In these talks, we navigate the field of self-belief and the powers it has.
Image for Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships
The key to longevity is a strong foundation, and this is especially true in personal relationships. I discuss how healthy relationships catapult you towards a better life as well as how to establish and maintain these connections.

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